Auto and Truck Engine Repair
Engine Replacement
Serving Denver, Lakewood,Golden,
and Edgewater, Colorado


Engine Repair or Replacement for your SUV, Truck or Car -
the workhorse of your vehicle.

The engine affects virtually everything in your car or truck including oil consumption to the dreaded “Check Engine” light. When you’re driving your car last thing you need is the engine to stop functioning. Our automotive repair facility is in Lakewood CO and proud to be serving Edgewater, Golden and Denver CO. We work on  SUV, Trucks and cars including European makes and models with engine repair and replacement services

We can fix mechanical problems from a blown head gaskets or a broken or bent intake or exhaust valves.  Make sure you get your timing belt replaced so we don't have to hear about your engine not working because of the timing belt broke.   We also use digital equipment to help with the aid of  the diagnosis of your problem.

With so many possible  problems that can occur with your car or truck engine.  Kevin has the experience to work on different types of vehicle engines like General Motors, Toyota, Subaru, Dodge and many others.

We are not equipped to work on Diesel vehicles - Sorry