Automotive Diagnostic Testing - Check Engine
Maintenance Required Light - Serving Lakewood, Edgewater, Golden and Denver, Colorado area


Without diagnostic testing on your car or truck to find out exactly what is wrong  would be difficult. Your vehicle diagnostic light is telling you something is wrong.  Your check engine light and your maintenance light are important. Your car could encounter a variety of issues with its air conditioner, radio, cruise control, transmission, airbags and even alarm systems.

Come in and see us at P1 Auto and we will make sure you get the right component fixed. While you may be tempted to try and fix these issues yourself, it’s always best to hire an experienced automotive technician to get the job done right. Come on in to our auto repair shop in Lakewood, Colorado today.

Whether your car’s oxygen sensors have started to malfunction or your check engine light has been on for a week, our certified auto mechanics have the skills and experience needed to quickly and efficiently repair your vehicle.